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Short and simple for now. We'll lengthen this upon recommendations.

All players need to have a Player Card. In the future we hope to have a list on the web site, so that if a player loses their card, we may confirm their player status by roster and ID.

There is absolutely No Sliding Tackling. Remember this league is for fun. And most of us must go to work the following day. Plus it makes the game more skill oriented.

All players must Respect the officiating. We are lucky to have them, and they do the best they can given that they are out there by themselves with no linesman, and sometimes calling 2 games in extreme temperatures.

All offenses are at the discretion of the League in determining penalty ( e.g suspension, expulsion from league, or prosecution through Sonoma County Judicial System).

Any team who forfeits a game will be fined $100 and lose by score of 3 - 0. If the goal difference at the end of the match is greater than three, the result on the pitch is upheld.

Please be aware that the goal nets at Rincon Valley ( Montecito ) Park are to stay there permanently per Santa Rosa Youth Soccer request. PLEASE do not take them down!

There is a $250.00 non refundable deposit fee if team decides to no longer participate in the league before the beginning of the season. After the beginning of the season the whole league fee is non refundable.

Players may only be registered and play for one team at the time. Players switching teams must turn in to league previous teamís player ID card before they may be registered to a new team and may not come back to previous team that they played for in the same season.